TimTheTatman Is Now Hunting Down And Banning Hackers In Warzone

Hackers and cheaters are well known in Call of Duty: Warzone. Because the game lacks anti-cheating software, it has been a subject of controversy. TimTheTatman has made it his mission to hunt down those who cheat in the game.

TimTheTatman was saving clips and sending them to Activision in a video posted on August 9th. Among the great players he found, he seemed particularly intent on one blatant cheater. There was a cheater who accumulated a 31 to 0 KD ratio, and TimTheTatman wanted him banned.

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TimTheTatman hunts down a Warzone cheater and gets him banned

It appears that TimTheTatman was watching players with unrealistic k/d ratios. They're easy to spot like the 105 kills a hacker received after beating TimTheTatman in his rage video. Tim cornered a 35 K/D ratio hacker, and he was getting clips to send to Activision.

In TimTheTatman, Warzone has a new avenger. While it may not be as good as anti-cheat software, it's nice to see someone taking action against hackers. Although Tim did not catch the cheater on stream, he reassured the audience that he would get banned soon.

Despite TimTheTatman's good intentions, he shouldn't have to do this. This is just showcasing how easily cheaters can get away with this, and Warzone needs to install some genuine anti-cheat software. While many are hoping to address the issue soon, Activision has not announced any plans to add more anti-cheat software.

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