TimTheTatman Explains How To Get A Lobby Without Cheaters In Warzone

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Cheaters in Warzone have become a significant problem with the game. Because cheaters haven't killed TimTheTatman's love for the game, he has been incredibly vocal about this. Because he is so passionate about Warzone, he has experimented to find ways to play without hacks or cheaters.

He seems to have found the perfect solution, and it's worked pretty consistently for him. According to TimTheTatman, this is the only way that actually works. However, the general public may not have the opportunity to do this as frequently as he does. It feels worth it, though, if it means avoiding cheaters in Warzone.


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How to avoid cheaters in Warzone

We all expect hackers to show up in every match these days. After tiring of this feeling, TimTheTatman has learned how to dodge hackers in his playthroughs. To avoid cheaters in Warzone, The popular streamer used new accounts and profiles.

He puts it together at 8:56 but he mentions bits and pieces earlier.


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When you open a new account, you are matched with players who are also new. Tim explained that hackers hate being in these positions because they lose all of their skins when they start over. By doing so, they are avoided, which is the goal, but the process is costly for streamers who aren't huge.

TimTheTatman's point was that we shouldn't have to do this to avoid cheaters in Warzone. The one sure way to avoid hackers is to start over entirely, and that's not okay. Considering how high Warzone's revenue is, they can afford to experiment with anti-cheat measures.

Still, we should wait until the new Vanguard update to combat cheaters in Warzone comes out. As far as we know, it won't be released for a while. This is unfair to players who have waited for Seasons for this growing problem to be fixed.

Hackers and cheaters will continue to enter games regularly until a patch is released, as they'll also create new accounts after being banned.