TimTheTatman Got Warzone Hacker Banned in One Minute

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Apparently, YouTube Gaming makes it easier to ban cheaters and hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone. The four of them, Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar, Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop, Benjamin' DrLupo' Lupo, and Herschel 'Dr DisRespect' Beahm IV, were playing Warzone together when the hackers pounced on them. The group was on a streak to win when suddenly, some hackers pounced on the group and started picking them off.

Hackers take a while to get reported and then taken down from Twitch. YouTube Gaming, says TimTheTatman, makes things so much easier, as this hacker was dealt with mid-game. Never before have I seen a hacker banned during gameplay, but that wasn't what I expected.


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Warzone Hacker Banned

TheTatman was playing Warzone with his buddies when they were taken out to his left. Tim didn't even notice them falling like flies. He went further ahead, saving him from the hackers, but they could see him through the walls.

Start at 10:19


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It's hard to see since TimTheTatman is so far from the action, but here's what I can tell from the minimap:

  1. They began to get shot at, and CouRageJD turned around in time to at least watch the bullets taken him down.
  2. Both DrLupo and Dr DisRespect ran to save him, but CouRageJD was shot entirely dead.
  3. Dr DisRespect was knocked to the ground and tried to bring himself back but could not. He will die second to last.
  4. DrLupo makes a heroic last stand after being unable to make it out of the hot zone.
  5. TimTheTatman is stuck in a building and will be killed the second he steps outside.

The cheaters definitely used wallhacks, but they got what they deserved. When they were banned, they just kind of laid prone and disappeared. I was hoping for more of a death animation, but what can you do?

I thought it was funny that the winning team just killed a guy, and suddenly, the only remaining team was dead. It was an easy win for them. It would be great to see more of these from the streamers since the epic nature of the group's death was worth watching several times.