Warzone Leaker Uncovers Audio Files For 'The Numbers' Event

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The start of Warzone Season 5is just around the corner and while many have been wondering what 'The Numbers' mid-season event will entail, a leaker has managed to uncover the audio from within the files of the game. Details on the event have been minimal, with Raven Software only confirming that it involves the mysterious Red Doors in some capacity.

With all of the audio out in the open, there are a few clues revealing what players will get up to when taking part in the event. Ranging from progression guided by Stitch to completing specific objectives, we may finally find out what the numbers mean. Here's everything we know about Warzone's next limited-time event.


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The Numbers Event Start Date

An exact start date for the event has yet to be revealed but based on the Season 5 roadmap, we can expect it to begin at the halfway stage of the season which slots in at around the beginning of September.

The Numbers Warzone Event Leak

Kitsune Operator Parachuting With Adler And Stitch In The Background

The audio files were discovered by data miner @BreadisModding, who is no stranger to uncovering a range of unreleased information surrounding new content. The four-minute video features a number of voice lines from Stitch who commands players to complete tasks such as eliminating Operators that stand in your way.

Based on the audio files, some kind of hacking process is also involved in The Numbers event. Players that manage to secure all the terminals will hear Stitch question how they manage to crack the code before revealing that they're still going to die while players that are under the influence of mind-control will hear a "new age of Perseus begins."

Does The Numbers Event Involve COD 2021?

With the COD 2021 reveal expected to take place in Season 5, some members of the community asked whether The Numbers event will play a part in revealing the new game. According to notable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks, this event has nothing to do with the reveal, meaning Season 5 could well feature two events!


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