"If You Suck At Video Games, You Probably Have The Most Fun Playing That,” - TFue on Warzone Players

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The other day, Turner' Tfue' Tenney played Call of Duty: Warzone and found it too easy. He didn't stop there; he went out of his way to insult everyone who liked Warzone. 'NICKMERCS' Kolcehff said that Warzone is the easiest battle royale as well, but did not go as far as Tfue.

This started as a joke but he kept getting more serious as time went on until the end of the stream when he flat out insulted the whole playerbase. Sure, I'm not on the right side of K/D ratios, but Tfue made a highly unfair statement. TFue believes it's about being good or bad at something, not about player choice.


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Warzone is too easy

I am out of words for this one, and it's not a fair assessment of the players. Period. Declaring anything a good or bad game is always subjective, but the gamers' skill is not reflective of your individual experience.

First, watch the clip, and we'll talk about it. Thank you to Dexerto for finding this.


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Call of Duty has a skill-based matchmaking system, which takes time to match you with other good players. Tfue played for hours, so he definitely got a chance to play with players of his skill level. Still, not even his comments agreed with him; full stream here if you want to watch it.

To quote Tfue:

"I've came down to the conclusion that this game is just too f**king easy, honestly, it's just too easy. Warzone is, in fact, the easiest battle royale to play. If you suck at video games, you probably have the most fun playing that."

He says that Apex Legends is much harder and that Fortnite is pretty easy unless playing competitively.


Tfue is a highly skilled FPS player, to the point where he and Ninja were once rivals. Of course, another FPS game would be no problem for him. It's only fair that he should play with professionals and then offer his opinion on difficulty, not some casual players.