“Yo, Sorry About That!” - Symfuhny Accidentally Leads His Teammate to an Early Death in Warzone

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In Warzone, the worst mistake you can make is getting your team killed by accident; just ask Symfuhny. He was so confident in his ability to lead his squadmates while dead that I even believed him. The details of where the enemy was, how to kill them, and even when they'd shoot view were all explained.

They needed a leader like this. Syfuhny understands Warzone better than most and led the best charge yet - until it failed quickly. It was not anyone else's fault but Syfuhny's since even his squadmate doubted the decision beforehand.

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Warzone fails

It's hilarious watching Symfuhny say precisely where the enemy would be and where they would shoot from but still mess up. As a result, he put his guy in the worst position, knowing that there would be no coverage. Luckily, he found it super funny, and it was worth his death.

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It's always the shorter Warzone clips that generate the most laughter. Here's what to learn from him:

Make sure you're aiming for the enemy's location if you know where they are. Don't also send squad members through the line of sight while also providing no coverage.

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