Warzone Bug Causes Player To Get Stuck In Bush

As Season 2.5 of Warzone approaches, Raven Software is doing its best to prevent any game-breaking updates from impacting the battle royale. Since arriving in Caldera, the game has had its fair share of issues ranging from invisible guns to flying cars.

With many players looking forward to the mid-season update, Warzone continues to prove popular despite some cheat providers offering free hacks for players to gain an unfair advantage.

Despite the best efforts of the developer, some players are getting stuck in amongst the foliage found all over the Pacific island.

Warzone Caldera Bush Glitch
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Warzone Stuck In Bush Glitch

Bushes act as the perfect piece of improvised cover when crossing open areas of the map. In a bid to evade an incoming opponent, Reddit user 'phenomzye' found a bush to hide in. When the coast was clear, the player quickly realised they were unable to move.

With no way of escaping, the player had to stand in the flames of a Molotov Cocktail to escape. After managing to win their Gulag, they dropped into the action only to find themselves landing in exactly the same spot, much to their amusement. While most commenters poked fun at the unfortunate events, one player countered by claiming "Verdansk had similar glitches."

Will The Bush Glitch Get Fixed?

Players getting stuck or being unable to climb certain rocks is a huge problem in Warzone although Raven Software has improved player interaction with the map. It's unclear as to how widespread this particular issue is but if players are unable to escape specific bushes around Caldera, it's going to cause plenty of problems further down the line.

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