Warzone Streamers Join Forces To Kill Cheater

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Despite Warzone's Ricochet anti-cheat managing to prevent several cheaters from logging into the battle royale, some are starting to slip through the net, much to the annoyance of the community.

In addition to weapons turning invisible thanks to an in-game bug and hackers using flying cars, the start of Season 2 has been pushed back in order for Raven Software to address these issues.

During a match, a squad of streamers joined forces after discovering a hacker armed with a 52 K/D ratio was dominating thanks to their inhuman levels of accuracy.

Two Warzone Operators Fighting in Gulag
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Warzone Streamers Kill Hacker To Win

The squad contained plenty of world-class talent and included HusKerrs and Reidboyy who are no strangers when it comes to defeating the very best players. In a video published and edited by Reddit user 'BrunoJohn117,' the action switches to each perspective as they attempt to deal with the cheater patrolling the high ground.

After managing to determine the location of the hacker, the squad worked their way into a winnable position to defeat them and their squadmates that supplied them ammunition throughout the game. "It's so satisfying to see them clapping on him," commented one user.

Will Hackers Disappear From Warzone?

It's unlikely every single Warzone hacker will disappear even with Ricochet and regular ban waves taking place. If Activision continues to evolve its anti-cheat to detect and prevent new hacks from slipping into matches, the number will continue to drop but it's unlikely Warzone will become a cheat-free game anytime soon.

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