Warzone Players Express Frustrations With STG 44 Recoil Animation

When it comes to selecting the best weapon to use in Warzone, players often take the levels of recoil into account, and with Season 6 of the battle royale in full swing, there are a number of weapons that feature low recoil which can drastically improve accuracy in those mid-range and long-distance engagements.

As focus begins to turn towards the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the STG 44 assault rifle has been added into Warzone and while it was one of the best guns to use in multiplayer, it has received a mixed reception in Warzone, with many players frustrated with the incredibly high recoil.

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Warzone STG 44 Recoil Issues

Warzone STG 44 Recoil
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Since the STG's addition as part of the Season 6 Battle Pass, several players have dropped into Verdansk and Rebirth Island to test the weapon, and compared to Vanguard's version, the recoil makes it impossible to use. Reddit user 'TrueLordOfPotatoes' was quick to spot the glaring flaw.

"I don't know about you guys but I think the stg-44 slamming into your shoulder like this would hurt quite a bit."

The short clip posted alongside their thoughts demonstrated the STG in action and it's clear to see why the weapon is so hard to control at any kind of range. Even when aiming down sights, the kick produced by the rifle makes it very hard to maintain focus on the intended target.

The post quickly gained the support of players that shared the same view, with some even calling upon Raven Software to make significant changes to the recoil in order to make it a viable option. Some members of the community even implied that the current iteration of the STG isn't the finished product, implying that Activision only wanted it added in Warzone to promote the launch of Vanguard.

Will The STG Recoil Get Fixed?

Considering the release of Vanguard is right around the corner and Vanguard's integration into Warzone isn't far away, the likelihood of the recoil being modified before the beginning of November is slim. As long as the strangely high recoil remains with the STG, it won't be featuring in the meta anytime soon.

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