Warzone Players Angry As Raven Software Removes Standard BR Playlists

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Every Thursday, Raven Software unveils changes to Warzone's playlists which often include variations of popular modes such as Plunder as well as the addition of modes such as King Slayer. With Season 5 well underway, the developer published its weekly update and caught the entire community off-guard by removing all of the standard BR playlists from the game, much to their annoyance.

Rather than the standard set of solos, duos, trios, and quads playlists, Buy Backs were added on August 26th in place of the staple set of four. With no "normal" BR playlists to play, Buy Backs are the closest players can get to the classic Warzone experience.


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Warzone Buy Back Playlists

Four Warzone Operators Dropping Into The Game

Buy Back drastically increases the pace of a typical Warzone match. If players are eliminated with enough cash, they can buy themselves straight back into the action rather than having to win a 1v1 duel in the Gulag. While many are annoyed at the change, it was outlined in Warzone's Season 5 patch notes, as Raven Software takes a slightly different approach to the weekly playlist cycle. Nonetheless, players are not happy with the addition of Buy Back and are demanding that standard BR returns as soon as possible.


When Will Standard BR Return To Warzone?

For those that aren't the biggest fans of Buy Back BR, fear not! The standard set of playlists is expected to make a return on September 2nd in the next weekly playlist update. Considering the huge outcry from the player base, maybe Raven Software will think twice when thinking about Warzone's most popular playlists.