Activision Unveils Solo YOLO World Series of Warzone Match

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Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is well underway and as Europe's best duos begin preparing for the next instalment in the World Series of Warzone, Activision has added a sixth game to the event complete with a surprise twist, much to the surprise of everyone competing in the tournament.

Known as the "Solo YOLO," the final game of the tournament will see all 150 players dropping into Verdansk for a shot of taking home $100,000 in prize money. Rather than the prize money filtering down, the winner of the match will be the only player walking away with money in their pocket, drastically increasing the stakes from a typical solos match.


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Warzone Solo YOLO Match

Solo Warzone Operator Dropping Into Verdansk

Once the Duos tournament has concluded, all players will be dropping in for a shot at one of the biggest Warzone prize pools ever seen with the victor taking home more money than the top three Duos. With the stakes at an all-time high, it's more than likely that we will be seeing some unorthodox tactics deployed by players in order to make it to the final circle.


The announcement of this particular match caught many Warzone pros off-guard but after some players expressed their frustration around the uneven distribution of prize money, this all-or-nothing match has the potential to cause plenty of fireworks! Quadrant member Fifakill made the generous offer of giving the runner-up $10,000 of the total prize pool.

How To Watch Warzone Solo YOLO

The winner-takes-all Solo YOLO match will take place straight after the World Series of Warzone EU Duos tournament has concluded. The action will be broadcast on the TwitchRivals channel and so you don't miss any of the action, we've embedded the stream below.