When Is Soap MacTavish Coming To Modern Warfare And Warzone?

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Since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone back in March 2020, a number of iconic Call of Duty characters have joined the ranks as playable Operators.

As new teasers for Season 5begin to appear, there's every chance new Operators could be making an appearance in the not-too-distant future.


With the likes of Captain Price, Ghost, Frank Woods, and more already included within the ever-expanding Operator arsenal, one character has remained absent.

John “Soap” MacTavish, a legendary character from the original Modern Warfare trilogy, has yet to drop into Verdansk alongside the rest of Task Force 141 despite being teased back in December 2020.

So, when can players expect Soap to arrive in Warzone? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Update - Soap Operator Added To Warzone

After several months of wondering whether Soap would ever feature within Warzone, Activision has finally released a bundle containing the legendary Modern Warfare character.

Soap MacTavish Warzone Operator

Update: Soap Operator Found In Game Files - 15th February


Notable Call of Duty leaker @Name__less has discovered Soap within the files of Modern Warfare, suggesting that his release is imminent and could well tie into the release of Season Two.

Soap Operator Modern Warfare

Image courtesy of @Name__less

Soap MacTavish Warzone Operator

The arrival of Soap was initially teased within the cutscene that seemingly concluded the mystery behind the nuclear device that was contained within Bunker 11.


As Captain Price managed to get the upper hand over Zakhaev and disarm the nuclear device in a somewhat anticlimactic conclusion to the storyline, long-time friend and comrade Soap radios in and says he’s “half a click off the coast” and that “things are really heating up out here.”

At the end of the cutscene, Price and the rest of the team head off in search of Soap. Since then, the 141 has gone dark as the focus has switched to the ongoing conflict between Stitch and Adler.

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Soap MacTavish Operator Release Date

According to @ModernWarzone, there is a chance for Soap to arrive in a new cosmetic bundle as part of Season Two for Warzone.

Soap MacTavish Warzone Operator

If he doesn’t make an appearance during Season Two, it’s more than likely that he will appear alongside the launch of the brand-new Warzone map that is expected to be released in March to commemorate the first anniversary since Warzone launched across the globe.

With Task Force 141 on the search for Soap and the US contingent attempting to rescue Adler from Stitch, there are several directions the Warzone storyline could take during the new season.