Skrapz Considering Switch From CDL To Warzone

Prior to the release of Warzone, the only form of competitive Call of Duty available to the community was through the annual releases. Whether it was in ranked matches, Gamebattles tournaments, or offline competitions featuring the very best teams in the world facing off against each other for a chance to win tens of thousands in prize money.

With the Call of Duty League (CDL) established as the esport that provides the high-octane action on the annual release, Activision has recently launched the World Series of Warzone, giving players an official platform to showcase their skills on the streets of Verdansk for thousands of dollars. With another option for CDL players to compete in, one player is considering making the switch.

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Skrapz Considering Warzone Switch

Skrapz Warzone Switch CDL Paris Legion
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With one match of the Black Ops Cold War remaining for Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall and the Paris Legion franchise, the player was quick to drop into Verdansk after losing to the New York Subliners in a thrilling five-game series on the opening day of the Seattle Home Series. During a recent stream, the player from Manchester revealed that he is going to be playing Warzone on a "full-time" basis.

Considering that the Legion currently sits in tenth place out of the twelve teams competing in the CDL, a switch to Warzone might not be a bad idea for the former London Royal Ravens talisman. Although he revealed intentions of playing Warzone full-time, Skrapz didn't confirm whether it would be a permanent change or just a switch during the CDL off-season.

Skrapz could be one of many former professional players that have opted to drop into Verdansk. Former pro players Rhys "Rated" Price and Tom "Tommey" Trewren have become household names under the 100 Thieves banner, regularly placing on the podium in a number of high-stakes tournaments. The loss of Skrapz would certainly impact the CDL considering he's one of the best European talents but if the grass is greener in Verdansk, it could well be a change that makes a lot of sense.

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