Should Warzone's Timed Kill Races Be Scrapped?

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Throughout the short history of Warzone, a number of tournaments featuring the very best players on the planet have used a timed Kill Race format to determine the winners. Timed Kill Races feature teams battling it out over a specific length of time where the top scores count towards the final points total. The most recent tournament to feature this particular tournament was the Canada Cup hosted by the Toronto Ultra Call of Duty League (CDL) franchise.

The tournament saw players dropping into Verdansk over a four-hour period in a bid to score the highest number of points by scoring high placements and a huge number of kills. Rather than the participating players directly competing against each other, teams hunt for lobbies that feature the lowest average K/D ratio, meaning the skill of the opposition is likely to be much lower than the content creators and professional players aiming to score a huge amount of points.


With players focusing on accessing the lobbies with a low K/D ratio rather than juking it out against the best, should the timed Kill Race format be scrapped entirely from competitive Warzone?

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Should Timed Kill Races Be Removed?

Soon after the Canada Cup concluded, several professional players and content creators expressed their frustrations surrounding the controversial format, with many suggesting that the format should be replaced with either a 2v2 Kill Race or a custom lobby where players are directly competing against each other. New York Subliners Warzone star Aydan unveiled that he will not be playing in timed Kill Race tournaments in the future.


It's not just Aydan that has called for the format to disappear from competitive Warzone. Several big names have been calling for a boycott in a bid to encourage tournament organisers to run an alternative format that is far more competitive. Although the players are sending the same message, the final decision regarding tournament format stays with the organisers but if there's a huge prize pool on the line, will the same players that have spoken against a timed Kill Race format stick to their word or compete in the tournaments again?

What Will Replace Warzone Timed Kill Races?

Warzone Timed Kill Races

If this outcry of frustration coming from Warzone's best players does encourage a change in the competitive landscape, there are a few options that would make ideal replacements and encourage a fairer and more competitive experience. Unlike the timed Kill Races, 2v2 Kill Races differ greatly from the other variation. Two teams of two drop into a Quads lobby and the team that scores more kills than the other is declared the winner. It's much simpler and far more competitive than the multi-hour races thanks to the direct competition the format provides.

Another format that has skyrocketed in popularity is the custom lobby format. All teams and players drop into exactly the same lobby where points can be earned for scoring eliminations. Increases on the points total can be obtained by scoring a high placement thanks to score multipliers. The format has proven extremely popular thanks to the launch of the World Series of Warzone. Considering the increasing popularity of custom lobby tournaments, is it only a matter of time before timed Kill Races are a thing of the past? We will have to wait and see.