Warzone Players Request Shotgun Buff With Return of Scopes and Scatterguns

Season 6 of Warzone is now underway, with players continuing to descend to Verdansk for the final time. Since the launch of Warzone last year, numerous weapons have had their moments of brilliance with some becoming a staple in the Warzone metagame.

Shotguns have dominated close-quarters combat for a number of seasons, with the likes of the JAK-12 proving extremely popular. With the Scopes and Scatterguns limited-time mode making a return, Warzone players believe it is time for a much-needed shotgun buff.

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Warzone Shotgun Buffs

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Scopes and Scatterguns involves players dropping into a match with just shotguns and sniper rifles at their disposal, making it difficult to deal with opposition in mid-range engagements. The likes of the Model 680, Hauer 77, and 725 are often overlooked despite possessing incredible power when up close and personal with an opponent.

“All of these shotguns are thrown to the wayside while their automatic counterparts hog the spotlight,” explained Reddit user ‘Cream-Shpee’. “Please Raven, I beg you. Give them a chance, balance them properly and make them fun to use instead of frustrating,” they added.

With the majority of the players sharing the same concern, few were quick to point out the contrary state of the VLK Rogue. “Don't tell this to anyone, but the VLK Rogue shotty with firebreath is borderline meta. That thing is super nasty, almost Gallo-like,” added evsorr.

Will Raven Software Buff The Shotguns?

The decision to make a change lays with the developers Raven Software and if one thing is for certain, it’s that Raven actively listens to the community. While we wait for the buff, check out the best landing spots to use in Season 6 along with the best .410 Ironhide loadout to use in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

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