Warzone Shadow Outcast Skin Prevents Accurate Aiming

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The number of bugs and glitches impacting Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific is slowly adding up despite the best efforts of Raven Software attempting to fix them. Operator Skins impacting various elements of the battle royale is nothing new. For most of Season 1, those using the Awoken Skin have been turning invisible and while it has been fixed, another Operator Skin is causing problems for the community.

Rather than making players disappear, this particular skin has had a huge impact on crosshair alignment, making it impossible for players to land accurate shots onto their intended target.

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Warzone Shadow Outcast Aim Glitch

Warzone Curse of the Ancients Bundle Shadow Outcast Operator Skin
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The issue was spotted by Reddit user 'Arbeast21,' who demonstrated their crosshair was slightly lower than where the bullets were landing, meaning they needed to drastically adjust their aim over the course of a match. In a game where accuracy is often the difference between scoring a kill and taking a trip to the Gulag, this is far from ideal.

The player then confirmed that the strange alignment took place after equipping the Shadow Outcast Operator skin found within the Curse of the Ancients store bundle. At 2400 COD Points, is one of the more expensive bundles available to buy, so it's understandable to see why Arbeast21 is frustrated.

How To Fix Shadow Outcast Aim Glitch


Thankfully, it appears that there is a temporary workaround for this highly unusual problem within Warzone. Simply change to a different Operator Skin and bullets should land where the crosshair is pointing. For those wanting to use their Shadow Outcast skin, it's probably best to wait until Raven Software implements a fix allowing you to aim properly.

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