Serpent Wrap Attachment Giving Sniper Rifles Huge Buff

Update 1.34 for Warzone went live on April 1st and it hasn't exactly been the smoothest start to Season 2 Reloaded for the battle royale.

The notorious infinite stim glitch has made yet another return alongside an issue where players turned invisible thanks to the addition of the attack helicopter armed with a turret.

Along with the AUG receiving a nerf which has done almost nothing to rejuvenate the metagame, it appears that one particular attachment for sniper rifles is proving so effective that it could give a much-needed dose of variety to Warzone's stale meta.

The attachment in question is the Serpent Wrap which is available in the Rear Grip slot. But why exactly is it giving snipers such a huge buff?

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Serpent Wrap In Warzone

Serpent Wrap Warzone Attachment Buff
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With so many attachments to select on any weapon in the Warzone arsenal, the Serpent Wrap appears to have received a buff, enabling players to reduce aim down sight speed and to scope in on a target in a split-second.

The silent change to the attachment was first discovered by Warzone aficionado JGOD.

His March 31st upload detailed the changes made to the attachment and even stated that the right combination of attachments equipped on the LW3 - Tundra can outperform the ADS speeds of the SP-R 208 marksman rifle.

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A Game-Changer?

For the time being, the improved ADS speed that the Serpent Wrap possesses has the potential to influence the current metagame.

While the speeds don't come close to that of the Kar98k, there's every chance players may start to adopt the Pelington 703 or the Tundra into their respective loadouts.

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