How To Get The Sentry Gun In Warzone

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With just a few days until the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, Activision has released a wealth of details surrounding Warzone's mid-season update, much to the excitement of the community. While a lot of content is making its way to Black Ops Cold War, there is still plenty of new additions arriving within the battle royale.

Alongside new game modes and new weapons, the Sentry Gun is the latest Killstreak that will be available to use in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The unmanned turret can be placed in all kinds of locations and is capable of eliminating opponents in a matter of seconds. Here's everything you need to know about Warzone's brand-new Sentry Gun!

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Warzone Sentry Gun

Since the release of Warzone, Killstreaks have been used by players in all kinds of ways in order to get an advantage over the opposition. UAVs reveal the location of any nearby enemies, Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes deal devastating damage on a specific area of the map, and the addition of the Sentry Gun could well spark a change in the Killstreak metagame.

It's highly likely that players will be able to place a Sentry Gun on rooftops, within buildings, or at the top of a zipline where the potential of scoring kills is incredibly high. It will certainly be interesting to see how its addition will be received by players.

How To Get The Sentry Gun

Unlike other Killstreaks, the Sentry Gun cannot be purchased from one of the many Buy Stations located around the map. As an alternative, the Killstreak will appear as an extremely rare loot drop inside Legendary supply boxes.

A sure-fire way of finding one of the supply boxes is by taking a trip through one of Warzone's Red Doors where a Sentry Gun may appear. It isn't always guaranteed but it is much simpler to use the Red Doors rather than spend most of a match hunting for a Legendary box!

Once acquired, it's down to you as to where you want to deploy it. Do you place it in front of the Superstore entrance to deal with any opponents attempting to make an escape? Perhaps you place it on a rooftop to deal maximum damage onto the enemies below? Regardless of location, the Warzone Sentry Gun is guaranteed to make an impact.

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