A Warzone Sentry Gun Glitch Is Causing Cargo Trucks To Explode

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Season 4of Warzone has had its fair share of bugs and exploits that have negatively impacted the battle royale for several players that enjoy dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Despite Raven Software's best efforts to address any game-breaking issues as quickly as possible, a new issue seems to appear on a regular basis, much to the annoyance of the community that is beginning to grow tired of issues impacting the game.

The latest glitch to be discovered involves the Sentry GunKillstreak that was added to Warzone as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update. Once placed on the ground, the Killstreak is more than capable of dealing with opposition and in a bid to improve its versatility, players have been placing them on top of Cargo Trucks.


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Warzone Sentry Gun Glitch Affecting Trucks

Warzone Sentry Gun Bug Affecting Cargo Trucks

While the addition of the Sentry Gun has had an impact on the existing metagame, Cargo Trucks also have an impact on how players make their way around Verdansk. Armed with the ability to carry an entire squad alongside being very difficult to destroy, trucks are an integral part of Warzone. With players able to place a Sentry Gun in numerous locations, one player managed to find out what would happen if the Killstreak was placed on top of a Cargo Truck.


While it may sound like a sure-fire way of scoring plenty of kills, the Cargo Truck seemed to have other ideas.

Reddit user 'AdamMarsdenUK' decided to place a Sentry Gun on top of the truck and as soon as the player attempts to drive away, the vehicle begins to glitch all over the place, rendering it useless. Thankfully, the player was able to escape the bugged truck before it exploded into several pieces.

Even though the thought of driving around Verdansk with a Sentry Gun on the roof of a Cargo Truck sounds tempting, we recommend avoiding this technique so it doesn't bring a premature end to your Warzone match!