Warzone Secrets of the Pacific: All Locations For Each Challenge

The Secrets of the Pacific event is officially underway in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. While Sledgehammer Games has temporarily disabled the event for multiplayer, Warzone players can still drop into Verdansk to complete the six challenges that reveal new information surrounding the Caldera map that will arrive as part of Season 1.

Some of the challenges for the battle royale require players to visit several locations within the confines of Verdansk in order to acquire an object. While the event menu does provide some clues, it can be very tricky to find their exact location. In this guide, find all of the locations for the Secrets of the Pacific challenges.

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Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenge Locations

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenge Locations
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The hunt for treasure will take you to various locations across Verdansk, including the abandoned mines that have been closed since the launch of the current map all the way back in Season 3. Here's are all of the locations that need to be visited:

  • Jailbreak - Inside the Prison showers.
  • On The Air - Inside the electronics shop in Promenade.
  • Fast Food - Inside the Burger Town restaurant inside the Airport.
  • On Your Feet - Inside the Hospital.
  • Abandoned - Inside the Old Mine.
  • Secrets - Inside one of the World War 2 bunkers.

Once all six challenges have been completed, you'll be able to get your hands on the Bomber Menace blueprint for the STG 44 assault rifle. It's worth noting that the blueprint won't be available to use until the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific which begins at the beginning of December.

That's all of the locations needed to complete the Secrets of the Pacific challenges in Warzone! For more news, check out our Season 1 hub containing all the latest leaks, news, and information on the new season.

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