Warzone Players Request Popular Apex Legends Feature To Be Added

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When it comes to the best battle royale titles, Warzone is certainly up there alongside the likes of Apex Legend and Fortnite. Despite its short history, Call of Duty's take on BR has proven to be a hit, with millions of players dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island on a regular basis. Many that compare Apex Legends and Warzone will have noticed the distinct differences in gameplay as well as how in-game statistics are recorded.

Some of the features within Apex Legends have proven to be so popular that many Warzone players are requesting Raven Software to add them into Warzone to provide even more ways to track progression and compare performance against other players.


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Warzone Seasonal K/D Stats

Warzone KD Ratio Leaderboard

Reddit user 'Excellent_Pass3746' posted their thoughts on what specific Apex Legends feature they would want to see in Warzone. The feature enables players to compare their K/D ratio for each season as well as the combined K/D from all seasons. This particular feature in Warzone would be ideal as it would allow players to see their progression and compare their performances across each post-launch season.


Many users agreed with the statement, revealing that it would be a welcome addition to Warzone, adding another layer of depth to the in-game leaderboards.

Will Seasonal K/D Stats Be Added To Warzone?

It's unclear as to whether Raven Software or Activision will implement this particular feature but with several players requesting it to be added into Warzone, there's every chance that the developer may sneak it into the game as part of an update.