Warzone Season 6 Cinematic Teases Huge Changes To Verdansk

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The start of Warzone Season 6 is right around the corner and with just over a week before the start of the new season, Activision has released the first cinematic trailer for what is likely to be the last season taking place in Verdansk. So far, the publisher and Raven Software have remained tight-lipped regarding the upcoming season but this short trailer has revealed huge changes to the map are on the horizon.

The minute-long trailer featured several explosions taking place, beginning underneath the unfinished stadium before slowly making their way towards Downtown. It looks like drastic changes to the map are finally on the way, much to the excitement of the community.


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Warzone Season 6 Map Changes

Verdansk Map Exploding

Along with the trailer showing major points of interest imploding on themselves, it also shows an unknown character attempting next to a bomb located in a World War 2 bunker underneath Verdansk. As the wire is cut, a wave of explosions begins to take place seemingly trapping everyone underground, including Stitch, Adler's arch nemesis.


Speaking of Adler, Mason has managed to track him down and reverses The Numbers programme embedded into his mind. "Oh God, what have I done?" he exclaims, implying that he may have had something to do with planting the explosives.

Is Verdansk Disappearing?

After Season 6 concludes, it's highly likely that Verdansk as we know it will be disappearing for good. When Call of Duty: Vanguard is integrated into the battle royale, a brand-new map set in the Pacific will be taking its place and is likely to be the new home of Warzone from November.

While Verdansk departing Warzone may be disappointing for some, several members of the community are already looking forward to an all-new battleground to play.