Players Slam Lack of Warzone Season 4 Weapon Balancing

Image showing Warzone player shooting golden SUV
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player shooting golden SUV
Credit: Activision

The lack of weapon variety is nothing new in Warzone. As players manage to find the very best guns to use, it's hardly surprising to see many gravitate towards one or two weapons in order to score as many kills as possible.

With Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, the Season 4 meta is coming under intense scrutiny from players growing tired of the NZ-41 assault rifle dominating the game.

Although it's impossible to make 129 weapons viable to create a diverse meta, the lack of variety is leaving the community questioning why Raven Software hasn't done more to maintain balance.

Lack of Balance in Warzone Season 4

Although the Warzone developer did apply a nerf to the NZ-41, statistics show that the nerf was much smaller than many had hoped for. The minimal decrease in recoil recovery means the rifle remains at the very top of the meta.

Its dominance means the vast majority of the Warzone arsenal is obsolete. To demonstrate the "good game balancing," Reddit user "LeBradyyy" shares statistics showing how the NZ-41 outclasses all other Warzone guns.

Image showing Reddit post containing Warzone weapon statistics
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Credit: u/LeBradyyy

The now-deleted post shows the NZ-41 is still the most popular gun to use despite receiving three nerfs in recent weeks. Thanks to its sheer versatility, sniper rifles and LMGs can't compete in long-distance duels.

Many are hoping a fourth nerf will restore some balance to the Warzone meta, with some claiming those relying on the rifle will undergo a "reality check" when players "have to actually use skill to control the recoil" in order to achieve success on Fortune's Keep, Caldera, and Rebirth Island.

However, there's always a possibility of another assault rifle receiving a buff which could slot into the hole the NZ-41 leaves behind.

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