Warzone Season 3 Tier 100 Skin: What Is It and How to Get It

Credit: Activision, Sledgehammer Games

Season 3 of Warzone is right around the corner and just like past seasons of post-launch content, players will work their way through 100 tiers of brand-new content as part of the Season 3 Battle Pass. The pass contains plenty of new additions including plenty of new guns and a brand-new Operator known as Mateo Hernandez.

In addition to the new arrivals, players can earn exclusive cosmetic items once they manage to reach tier 100, the final tier of the Battle Pass. As always, the items available at the very top of the pass are in the Legendary category.

With plenty of high-tier rewards up for grabs, it will take plenty of time for players to grind through the Battle Pass to earn some incredible cosmetics to use in Warzone and Vanguard. With that said, find out what the Tier 100 skin is in the Season 3 Battle Pass and how to get your hands on it in this guide.

What Is The Warzone Season 3 Tier 100 Skin?

According to a Call of Duty blog post highlighting plenty of content arriving as part of the Battle Pass, the Tier 100 skin is known as Ancestral Spirit and is available for Vanguard's Daniel Operator. Featuring black, red, and gold samurai armour, this particular skin is one of the best to appear during the Pacific era. Here;s a full list of content available alongside the skin at Tier 100:

  • ‘Ancestral Spirit’ Legendary Daniel Skin
  • ‘Amphibian Empire’ Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Master Duelist Title, Season 3 Emblem, and Necrogaze Charm

How To Unlock Warzone Season 3 Tier 100 Skin

There are several ways players can utilise to unlock the Tier 100 skin in Warzone. The most obvious method is to play the game and move through the tiers. This is a time-consuming process so we recommend waiting for a Double Battle Pass XP event to take place or using a Double Battle Pass XP token you've stored away.

If you're not a fan of grinding, this next method may interest you. Once you've purchased the Battle Pass, you can buy individual tiers at a cost of 100 COD Points. This way is hugely expensive but if you don't have time to play on a regular basis, it's a surefire way of earning the Tier 100 rewards before Season 3 comes to an end.

Is The Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Worth It?

If you're a fan of collecting unique Warzone weapon blueprints and Operator skins, it's worth spending your COD Points on the Season 3 Battle Pass. As always, the first 30 tiers of content are free so you can choose to upgrade at any time over the course of the season.

With plenty on offer including some epic rewards at Tier 100, I recommend purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass.

That's all there is to know about the Tier 100 Skin arriving as part of the Season 3 Battle Pass in Warzone. For the latest intel, check out our dedicated page featuring the latest news, leaks, and loadout guides for Call of Duty's battle royale.

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