Warzone Players Claim Battle Pass Progression Is Too Slow

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The Season 2 update for Warzone bought a wide range of content to the ever-changing battle royale. Players have praised the addition of Redeploy Balloons as they attempt to master a brand-new meta.

In addition to the new content, the community is starting to progress through a new Battle Pass featuring 100 Tiers of content.

Although players are fans of the available content, several claim Battle Pass XP progression is far too slow which is far from ideal for those that are unable to play the game for several hours a day.

Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass Progression
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Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass Progression

Without the assistance of Double Battle Pass XP, the process of working through the tiers is often time-consuming. The topic came to the attention of players through Reddit user 'mutatedllama' who claimed one hour of game time results in one-third of a tier earned.

Several players quickly agreed with the statement, claiming XP progression was modified in the most recent update. One player revealed they had played for six hours, managing to reach the second tier of content.

Have Warzone Battle Pass XP Rates Changed?

While Raven Software hasn't confirmed any kind of changes to the earn rate of Battle Pass XP, there's a chance the developer has silently nerfed it. This is certainly annoying for those wanting to reach tier 100 quickly, but the change will mean more Double Battle Pass XP events taking place.

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