Warzone Scopes and Scatterguns: When Is the LTM Returning?

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Ever since Warzone was released, Raven Software has done an excellent job in creating a variety of unique modes that run alongside the standard set of BR playlists. With Season 6 in full swing, the likes of Iron Trials and Payload have proven extremely popular with players looking for an alternative to the usual doses of solos, duos, trios, and quads.

One mode that also proved popular was Scopes and Scatterguns, Warzone's take on the hugely entertaining shotgun/sniper weapon combination. As the title suggests, Scopes and Scatterguns only feature sniper rifles and shotguns to use, drastically changing how Warzone is played. After being absent from the game for several weeks, when exactly is Scopes and Scatterguns making a return?


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Warzone Scopes and Scatterguns Return Date

Warzone scopes and scatterguns

Alongside the Season 6 patch notes, Raven Software revealed details on which limited-time modes would be appearing over the course of the season. Scopes and Scatterguns will be making a return to Warzone on October 14th as a Trios mode and will arrive as a Quads mode on October 21st. If you want to get your fix of Scopes and Scatterguns, be quick! The LTM will be disappearing from Warzone on October 28th. It's likely that the mode will return at a later date but Raven Software has yet to reveal any further information.


What Is Scopes and Scatterguns?

Rather than taking place in Verdansk, Scopes and Scattergun now takes place on the smaller map of Rebirth Island, meaning players will now get the chance to drop back into the action in a similar fashion to Rebirth Resurgence. As for available loot, the usual set of SMGs, LMGs, and Assault Rifles will disappear in place of a limited selection of snipers and shotguns.

Exact information on which weapons will be available to use hasn't been revealed but as soon as they are, we will be sure to update this article with the latest information.