Warzone Glitch Allows Players To Shoot Through Rooftops

Raven Software is doing its best to prevent bugs and glitches ruining Warzone as players continue to drop onto Caldera and Rebirth Island. With the Rebirth Reinforced event in full swing, many are patiently waiting for the Golden Vaults to unlock.

While they wait and with Season 3 on the horizon, new issues including disappearing reticles are impacting those attempting to become the last ones standing.

The latest glitch to emerge is allowing players to see through building rooftops and shoot any opposition that's standing there without the risk of being outgunned.

Warzone Roof Glitch
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Warzone Roof Glitch

Shortly after securing one of Caldera's rooftops, Reddit user 'didonato' watched their teammate fall to some incoming gunfire. As the player went to revive them, more gunfire appeared resulting in an early elimination. Upon further inspection, the killcam shows two players inside the building that can see through the roof, allowing them to land accurate shots with ease.

Judging by the comments, this isn't the first time players have had the ability to see through parts of buildings. One commenter said they were unable to "figure out how or why because it never made any sense."

Warzone Roof Glitch Fix

With various buildings bugging in ways that give some players an unfair advantage, there's a high chance Raven Software is aware of the issue impacting players. Considering how serious the issue is, a hotfix addressing the problem could appear before the end of Season 2. In the meantime, it might be best to avoid the rooftops.

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