Warzone Riot Shield Invincibility Bug Makes Unwelcome Return

While plenty of attention is on the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific and the launch of the brand-new Caldera map, many players are still dropping into Verdansk as Season 6 of the immensely popular battle royale comes to a close. As Raven Software focuses on a new-era for Warzone, players are beginning to grow tired of the numerous bugs and glitches that have yet to be addressed.

One glitch, in particular, has been present for several seasons, much to the annoyance of players hoping for a smooth gameplay experience. The glitch in question involves players becoming invincible after being shot by a specific weapon when using a Riot Shield to take cover.

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Warzone Riot Shield Invincibility Glitch

Warzone Riot Shield Invincibility Glitch
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The exploit first caught the attention of the community over five months ago thanks to a post by Reddit user 'LMa0-Zedong.' The post quickly gained plenty of traction, with several players revealing that they had also encountered the issue where players were impossible to kill.

Even though the glitch has been common knowledge for several months, players are still encountering players using it to gain an unfair advantage. One player found themselves in a 1v1 to win a match before realising that they were impossible to eliminate.

When Will The Riot Shield Invincibility Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering Season 6 is just about to end, Raven Software releasing a hotfix to address this particularly annoying issue is unlikely, especially with the launch of Warzone Pacific and Season 1 on the horizon. With the season 1 update expected to be packed full of bug fixes, there's every chance that the upcoming patch will address this bug once and for all.

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