Warzone Players Claim Ricochet Anti-cheat Is Failing

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The battle between Activision and Warzone hackers has entered another chapter. Rather than Ricochet anti-cheat working as intended, players have encountered a sudden influx of cheaters in matches, much to their annoyance.

Alongside the variety of bugs and glitches that continue to plague the game, members of the community are claiming Warzone is "absolutely infested" with cheaters once again.

With Season 2 on the horizon, some are wondering whether the anti-cheat has been switched off entirely with some claiming the situation is "worse than the last days of Verdansk."

Warzone Pacific Ricochet Anti-cheat Failing
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Warzone Ricochet Failing

The issue came to the attention of players after Reddit user 'Tylus0' ran into hackers in 12 consecutive matches despite Ricochet being active for all players across the globe.

"Did [Activision] turn off the anti-cheat?" questioned the player. In recent months, the publisher has taken legal action against one of the largest Warzone cheat providers but cheaters are still causing chaos in Caldera and Rebirth Island.

The last update from Team Ricochet came in December 2021 and since then, those behind the anti-cheat have yet to reveal plans on how it will combat this latest wave of cheaters.

Why Is Warzone Ricochet Not Working?


According to several players, a cheat provider hosted a free trial weekend likely to be the main cause of the huge increase in cheaters. With such a sudden influx, it's likely the anti-cheat struggled to keep up. With a new season fast approaching, players will be hoping Ricochet combats the influx before the number of cheaters becomes uncontrollable once again.

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