Activision Answers CronusMAX Concerns With New Warzone Anti-Cheat

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Cheaters have been common in Warzone for well over a year with Raven Software already banning around 800,000 Warzone accounts. With Season 6 in full swing and the full release of Call of Duty: Vanguard right around the corner, players are looking forward to the new RICOCHET anti-cheat that comes into play when the new Pacific map launches.

As the battle with players using software to gain an unfair advantage continues, the community raised concerns regarding the hardware cheaters as well. With the ability to add mods using products such as the CronusMAX that can enable increased fire-rate, no recoil, and more, players want answers if these can be put to an end.

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Can RICOCHET Ban CronusMAX Users?

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While the majority of the Warzone players who cheat use a PC and third-party software, the console cheating issue looms at large. With the issue not being as apparent as using an aimbot or wallhacks, controller players are still able to deploy a plethora of game-breaking mods, much to the annoyance of the community.

Many concerns including those regarding console cheaters were answered in the RICOCHET Q&A hosted by Warzone publisher Activision. The publisher was asked, “What about Cronus and XIM devices on Console?.” They responded, “Server-side technology that utilizes machine learning paves the way for such devices and scripts to be detected.”

Activision also confirmed that it has been looking to work with Sony and Microsoft to combat the issues regarding controller modes, but the two console giants haven't been willing to cooperate.

Will RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Eliminate Every Cheater?

While it looks as if machine learning will be capable enough to detect inhuman inputs from a CronusMAX and ban that user, the effectiveness of machine learning is still unknown, meaning that there is a chance for players to slip through the net. Modded controller players are a small fraction of the community so, with the release of RICOCHET anti-cheat, the vast majority of cheaters should disappear from Warzone.

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