Bizarre Warzone Glitch Causes Recon Contracts To Spawn Anywhere

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Activision has announced that the release of Warzone Pacific, as well as the commencement of Season 1, has been delayed until December 8th. Vanguard players, on the other hand, will have 24 hours of early access to Caldera, which will begin on December 7th.

With the delay at hand, players are continuing to drop into Verdansk before the switch to Caldera, getting to grips with the Operation Flashback LTM and preparing for the Secrets of the Pacific event that will reveal more about the new location. Despite regular updates, players have encountered a bizarre glitch where Recon Contracts seem to be spawning in all kinds of unusual and inaccessible locations.

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Warzone Recon Contracts Spawn Glitch

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Warzone players are accustomed to seeing issues with Scavenger contracts but lately, some players are reporting issues with inaccessible Recons, much to their annoyance. Reddit user ‘King_Bobzilla’ took to the Warzone subreddit to express one such incident where a contract somehow appeared on top of a chandelier.

Others in the community were quick to comment, stating that they had encountered a similar issue at some point during a match. Another Reddit user shared their challenging Recon spawn, with one player suggesting the developers add in a “tactical ladder field upgrade” in order to reach the Recon and complete the contract.

When Will the Recon Contracts Spawn Be Fixed?


Raven Software is known for being on the lookout for bugs and glitches within the popular battle royale. While the developers might be busy with the massive updates coming to the game, one thing is certain that a game-changing issue like this could be resolved in the Season 1 update at the beginning of December.

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