When Is Rebirth Island Returning To Warzone?

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The start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific marked a brand-new era for the hugely popular battle royale as players began to drop into Caldera. Alongside the launch of the brand-new map, the entire weapon arsenal from Call of Duty Vanguard has been integrated into the battle royale, giving players even more choice when it comes to building the best loadout.

While many have been enjoying the brand-new map, some have been wondering why the smaller Rebirth Island has been removed from the game as a viable alternative to the main map. With that said, when is Rebirth Island returning to Warzone? Find out right here!

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Rebirth Island Return Date

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Return Date
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UPDATE: December 18th 2021 - It appears Raven Software has resolved the issue impacting Rebirth Island. The map has been reintroduced to Warzone, much to the excitement of players wanting to get in amongst the action.

Rebirth Island returned on December 16th for just a few hours before the developer removed the map due to an issue. While details on the issue were not disclosed, Raven Software replaced it with Vanguard Resurgence Quads as an alternative to the fast pace of the smaller map.

What Time Is Rebirth Island Coming Back?

Typically, Warzone has a playlist update that goes live every Thursday at 10AM PT (6PM GMT) and this is the likely time when Rebirth Island will make its return to the battle royale. Details on its return have yet to be revealed, but many are hoping that it does return to Warzone before the end of 2021.

Why Was Rebirth Island Removed?


Raven Software never specified why it decided to remove Rebirth Island at the beginning of Season 1, but it's likely that it wanted players to experience Caldera at least once before adding the map back into the game. Considering the immense popularity of Rebirth Island, it will be interesting to see if the map becomes a permanent fixture of Warzone or whether Raven Software will opt to switch it out in favour of new playlists to keep the battle royale feeling fresh. One thing that's certain is that many are looking forward to its return.

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