Call of Duty Teases Replacement to Rebirth Island

Image showing Warzone Rebirth Island map
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone Rebirth Island map
Credit: Activision

Throughout the history of Warzone, players are familiar with developers chopping and changing the available selection of maps. While the main battleground changes regularly, the presence of Rebirth Island is a staple within the battle royale.

The small island that resembles Alcatraz plays host to a faster pace of battle royale action and a lower player count. Many players prefer it to the Pacific Island of Caldera.

With the launch of Season 4 fast approaching, it appears plenty of change is on the way. While plenty of focus is already on Warzone 2, Activision is teasing a potential replacement for Rebirth Island.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Map

On June 12, the Call of Duty Twitter account uploaded a post revealing Fortune's Keep, the name of a brand-new map likely replacing Rebirth Island.

It's unclear if the new map is a permanent addition to Warzone. Its launch ties in with the next playlist update that features an unknown mode that will arrive once the new season begins.

While some players are surprised to see Raven Software bidding farewell to Rebirth Island, other eagle-eyed fans say its disappearance has hidden in plain sight thanks to the Call of Duty blog posts.

Recent posts suggest Operators "may need to escape" Rebirth Island alongside mentions of "new assignments."

As expected, the Fortune's Keep rumour mill quickly uncovered clues surrounding the new map. In-game strings suggest the map is located in the Mediterranean with a date of 1976 that may tie in with the Verdansk storyline.

As the Season 4 countdown begins, Activision plans on sharing the Fortune's Keep map layout on June 13 so be sure to check out our Warzone page for all the latest news.

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