Warzone Squad Scores Rebirth Island Win In Record Time

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With cheaters still running rampant on the streets of Verdansk, several Warzone players have opted to drop into Rebirth Island to get their fix of battle royale action and to evade those attempting to get an unfair advantage over the opposition. Rebirth Island is a much smaller map, providing a much faster pace and plenty of action throughout most areas of the game.

With Season 5 Reloaded winding down and the launch of Season 6 on the horizon, players are still battling it out to get a ride on the victory helicopter and one squad managed to be the last one standing in one of the fastest times ever seen.


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Warzone Fast Rebirth Island Win

Warzone Rebirth Island

The incredible, and slightly unusual feat, was captured by Warzone player Its Novik, who managed to capture the achievement in one of their YouTube videos. The September 24th, 2021 upload showcases their squad managing to score a Rebirth Island win in a single second, much to their bemusement.


After the squad had loaded into the game, they were quick to realise that there was a total of nine players in the game. Unlike other Warzone matches, the lobby didn't fill and as the five opponents left for another match, the squad was already the last team standing without having to drop out of the helicopter

Curious to see what would happen as the only team in a Warzone lobby, Its Novik decided to see what would happen and after the pre-game countdown came to an end and the chopper began to fly over Rebirth Island, they were awarded the win immediately. Rebirth Island is known for its fast pace but this instance of a team managing to win in such a short amount of time is one of the more unique Warzone wins to take place.

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