Why Has Rebirth Island Disappered From Warzone?

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The December 16th update for Warzone was exciting for many thanks to Raven Software implementing a wave of bug fixes alongside the start of the Festive Fervor Christmas event. As players attempt to eliminate Krampus the Christmas devil, many were looking forward to the return of Rebirth Island.

Several members of the community switched to the smaller map for a faster pace and fewer hackers but with RICOCHET now active across the world, players were looking forward to plenty of action taking place with its return. Just hours after its arrival, Raven Software announced it had been removed, but why has Rebirth Island disappeared?

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Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Disappeared

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Disappeared
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Rebirth made its long-awaited return when Raven Software added the Rebirth Resurgence Trios mode as part of the December 16th playlist update but it was quickly removed, much to the annoyance of players wanting to get back into the action. The developer stated that it's "investigating an issue".

It's unclear as to what the issue is but it's clearly severe enough for Raven Software to intervene and remove the popular map altogether. For those wanting to get their Rebirth Island fix, you'll have to wait until the map is reintroduced at a later date. Until then, Vanguard Resurgence Quads has replaced the map and although it's not everyone's favourite, it adds a much-needed increase in the pace of Caldera.

When Is Rebirth Island Returning?

An exact date for Rebirth Island's second return to Warzone Pacific has yet to be announced by Raven Software. If the issue is serious, it's highly likely the developer is working on a fix for it to be added back into the game as quickly as possible.

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