Raven Software To Address Warzone's Game-Breaking Stair Glitch

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Season 4 of Warzone has had its fair share of bugs and exploits negatively impacting the popular battle royale and as the community turns its attention towards Season 4 Reloaded, many are hoping the mid-season update will address many of the issues that have plagued the game in recent weeks. Alongside cheaters managing to inflict Warzone dev errors onto unsuspecting players, this particular glitch is preventing players from aiming down their sights after exiting the slide animation.

This is a frustrating issue that all players can encounter as many use sliding and slide-cancelling to navigate Verdansk and Rebirth Island as fast as possible. Thankfully, it looks like a fix for the exploit will be arriving to the game in a future update.

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Warzone Stair Glitch Fix

The issue was publicised thanks to Warzone streamer DanimuhL, who posted a clip of the exploit in full effect, much to his annoyance. The streamer attempted to ambush an unsuspecting opponent that was patrolling a staircase but as the streamer slid next to the stairs, they were unable to aim at the intended target.


Having showcased the glitch, it turns out that several players on PC and console have been unable to aim down a flight of stairs after sliding near them. Soon after the clip was published, Warzone developer Raven Software replied, stating that the bug is a known issue.


Considering that this exploit is affecting players on a regular basis, it's great to see Raven Software addressing the problem in a timely manner. Players can expect a fix for the Warzone stair glitch to appear in the next update!