Raven Software Posts Cryptic Teaser - What Does It Mean?

As Season 3 of Warzone continues and just as it looks like players are turning their attention to what content could be arriving in Season 4, Raven Software posted a cryptic teaser.

The teaser is an image with the majority of the text blanked out, leaving players wondering what changes could be on the horizon. Having received plenty of feedback surrounding various elements of the game, the community has been attempting to figure out what the teaser is for.

After a bit of digging, some players may well have found the answer, which suggests that drastic changes to a popular playlist are on the way.

Here's everything we know about the teaser and what it could mean!

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Raven Software Posts Teaser

The post was published on Raven Software's Twitter account on May 26th, much to the curiosity of the passionate Warzone community members that were not expecting such a cryptic teaser.

Cargo, Verdansk, and saving are the only visible words among the covered parts of text.

The bottom of the message states that "something must be done soon," along with a small red code that reads "T-1."

Despite the covered text, popular content creator MrProWestie may have already encrypted the message.

Is Raven Software teasing changes to Cargo Trucks in Solos?!

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Warzone Solo Cargo Truck Changes

Warzone solos Cargo Trucks removed
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The overpowered nature of Cargo Trucks in solos has caused widespread frustration for players during a match.

The majority of endgames sees nearly all of the remaining players driving around the circle in a truck which are incredibly difficult to destroy by shooting them.

If you don't have a truck during the final circles of a solo match, the chances of winning are relatively slim, which is why Raven Software could be teasing some kind of change.

Will the trucks be removed entirely from BR Solos or will there be only one or two available in order to balance the game more? We will have to wait and see.

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