Raven Software Confirms Nerf To Streetsweeper Arriving In Next Warzone Update

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With Season 3 of Warzone in full swing, players have quickly got to grips with the freshly balanced arsenal of weapons and have managed to establish a new metagame for the new season.

With players looking for every possible advantage over their opposition, one of the weapons that players have been utilising is the Streetsweeper shotgun. Armed with a semi-automatic firing mechanic alongside an incredibly high output of damage, some are already deeming it overpowered in close-quarters combat.

Warzone has often had problems with an imbalanced weapon arsenal and in order to prevent that from happening again, developer Raven Software has already confirmed changes to the shotgun are on their way.


Find out when the Streetsweeper will be nerfed in this article!

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Warzone Streetsweeper Nerf

Warzone Streetsweeper Nerf Season 3

Calls for the shotgun to be nerfed have grown due to its impressive statistics and the ability to obtain the weapon as ground loot, much to the annoyance of some players that find themselves on the receiving end of this deadly close-range weapon.

Warzone content creator for NRG Esports @AverageJoeWo, took to Twitter to express his frustrations on the weapon, directly addressing Raven Software to remove it entirely from Warzone's ground loot.


The developer responded quickly, stating that it is "taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general." Raven also stated that changes to the shotgun will be "coming in the next update," much to the delight of players.

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When Will The Update Arrive?

Typically, Warzone updates arrive during the middle of the week, meaning it may be a few more days until the Streetsweeper receives its nerf.

Depending on how soon Raven Software wants to implement the change, there is a chance that the update could arrive sooner, so stay tuned to find out all the latest intel!