Rambo Operator Coming To Cold War And Warzone

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Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3 is underway and Activision is beginning to tease some star-studded appearances that could be making their entrance into the Call of Duty universe in the not too distant future.

It's not the first time famous faces from movies have appeared in a Call of Duty title. As part of Warzone's Halloween event in 2020, players could obtain the main protagonists from the SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchises, coinciding with the spooky goings-on in Verdansk.


Moving to 2021, and it looks like a legendary character from the action genre is lacing up their boots and making their way into the heat of battle.

Here's everything you need to know about John Rambo arriving in Call of Duty!

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John Rambo In Call of Duty

Rambo Operator Warzone Cold War Release Date Screenshots

The official Call of Duty account teased the release of Rambo through its Warzone Report promotion which allows players to view a selection of their in-game statistics.


Armed with an impressive K/D ratio of 552 across five matches, fans were quick to piece together that these particular set of statistics were for the legendary John Rambo.

The account continued to tease the release of more iconic characters from the 1980s by quoting a Tweet from a user that suggested the likes of the Terminator, Chuck Norris, and the A Team should be added to Cold War and Warzone.

By showcasing Rambo's Warzone Report, it is highly likely that the action hero will be making his way to the Call of Duty world in the coming weeks.

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John Rambo Operator Release Date

An exact release date for the Rambo Operator has yet to be revealed by Activision but considering the teasers, players can expect to get their hands on him in the coming weeks.

Perhaps his arrival ties into the mid-season event that was teased in the Season 3 roadmap? We will have to wait and see!