Warzone Streamer Scores Epic 1v3 Clutch Using an Armour Box

Season 6 of Warzone continues to progress and as The Haunting Halloween event gets underway, the competitive scene is still thriving with numerous high-stakes tournaments taking place on a weekly basis. Since the switch to custom lobbies, the action has provided many memorable moments involving the best players in the world and popular content creators regularly doing battle for a shot at championship glory.

On October 19th, a number of players dropped into Verdansk to compete in BoomTV's latest running of its Code Red tournament series. With $20,000 on the line players were using all kinds of techniques to get the other hand, including using an Armour Box to pull off a spectacular clutch.

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Warzone 1v3 Armour Box Clutch

Warzone Armour Box Field Upgrade
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At the halfway point of a match, Warzone pro Dr3w found themselves cornered by three opponents and while moving into another building, they placed an Armour Box on the ground with a piece of C4 on top of it. As the players attempted to rush up the stairs, the explosion destroyed the Armour Box, dealing huge damage, and allowing Dr3w to demolish those attempting to score a kill.

Considering the immense talent of the players involved in the Code Red tournament, this ingenious tactic paid off in spades, giving Dr3w and their squad another three kills to their total. The sheer amount of damage dealt by a combination of an Armour Box and C4 could well be something that's used in future tournaments and even in casual matches. If players begin to take inspiration from this tactic, be sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious Armour Boxes placed close to any staircases!

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