Pro Players Call For Weapon Restrictions In The World Series Of Warzone

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Season 4 of Warzone is well underway and from the perspective of competitive Warzone players and fans, the latest season of post-launch content is set to be the biggest thanks to the launch of the World Series of Warzone. The tournament series launched by Activision sees the very best players in Europe and North America face off against each other for the largest prize pools ever seen in the history of the battle royale.

Heading into the first event of the World Series taking place on June 23rd, the MG 82 light machine gun is proving problematic thanks to its incredible rate of fire and non-existent levels of recoil. Despite a slight nerf implemented by Raven Software, there has been plenty of backlash from the often-vocal community.


It's not just casual players becoming frustrated by the sheer power of the MG 82, several professional Warzone players have spoken on the topic, some of which have even suggested a radical solution to the problem.

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MG 82 World Series of Warzone Weapon Ban

MG 82 World Series of Warzone Weapon Ban

100 Thieves Warzone player Tom "Tommey" Trewren was one of the pros that suggested the idea of a potential restriction to the MG 82 until a significant nerf had been implemented.

Tommey has seen his fair share of restrictions over the years of competing in Call of Duty at the highest level. Despite calls for the ban, it appears that Activision has no intentions of introducing any kind of restrictions, leaving every player for themselves on the streets of Verdansk.

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Should The MG 82 Be Restricted?

When it comes to ensuring a level playing field without detracting from how the game is played, deciding on whether a specific weapon should be restricted is a tricky task. If the vast majority of competitors agree not to use the MG 82, then an official ruling from Activision would make a lot of sense in order to avoid any kind of controversy.

If there is no ruling, then players should make the best of the situation and use every weapon in the arsenal in order to get the upper hand over the opposition in a tournament that will feature the largest prize pool in the history of Warzone.