Warzone Players Demand Changes To Plunder

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Season 5 of Warzone is well underway and as players drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island with all-new weaponry, Operators, and more, many members of the community are calling for changes to be made to one of the battle royale's most popular modes.

Plunder often provides an alternative to the usual BR modes thanks to the unique nature of the mode. Rather than battling to be the last team standing, Plunder sees players competing to earn Cash as fast as possible but with other modes such as Payload proving popular, players are beginning to suggest that the mode is growing stale due to a lack of changes being made by Raven Software.


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Warzone Plunder Changes

Warzone Operator Running From Explosion Carrying Duffel Bag Of Money

The main focus of the criticism was the speed of the rounds as well as how predictable a typical Plunder match has become. The sole objective of Plunder is to collect as much Cash as possible, and many players are beginning to grow tired of the mode that seemingly offers minimal variety.


Reddit user 'Lma0-Zedong' posted a lengthy statement detailing a number of flaws with the mode, including XP rewards, spawn mechanics, and teammates that quit before a match is completed.

Plunder has been available for well over a year and it's no surprise to see players growing tired of the game mode when there have been no changes made by Raven Software. Will this latest outcry for changes cause the developer to apply changes to this LTM? We will have to wait and see.