Warzone Players Request Changes To How Toxic Gas Impacts Armor Plates

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The start of Season 6 for Warzone is right around the corner, and as players continue to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, some players are asking Raven Software to fix how the toxic gas impacts armor plates during a match.

Call of Duty fans have always been loud and clear in expressing thoughts on how to improve Warzone and this particular change to the battle royale, could have a drastic impact on how the gas circle reacts when a player is taking damage from it.


Recently, the Warzone developer rolled out an update fixing the Numbers Event audio in Warzone and ensuring all their fans that their feedback is appreciated and they were heard loud and clear.

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Warzone Gas Armour Plate Changes


Reddit user 'Ens_Shn_07' posted a thread titled, 'Unpopular Opinion' which contained a meme that read, “being in the gas shouldn’t damage armor plates.” The post created plenty of conversation amongst the community, with many agreeing with the sentiment.

The toxic gas in Warzone causes damage to the player stuck in it and also causes decay in their armor plates. Even after they have escaped the fumes, players have to replace their armor plates in order to guarantee maximum protection from any opposition that opens fire.

One of the users agreed and said, “Do your weapons start to malfunction? Your equipment? Your clothes just straight fall off?” askes one user. “I mean, if it’s so strong that bulletproof armor plates instantly get damaged, why does nothing else get hurt in the gas?”


While many agreed with the idea, others disagreed with the concept, stating that the gas impacting armor plates is perfectly fine, with some players suggesting that a change would encourage more players to hide within the toxic cloud around the playing area.

It'll be interesting to see how Raven Software reacts to this and if they decide to take any suggestions on board in the next update. In the meantime, find everything you need to know about Season 6 in our dedicated hub and information on some huge map changes making their way to Verdansk.