Players Reporting Issues With Hunt For Adler Event Challenges

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Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is well underway and despite a heavy focus on the launch of a brand-new version of Verdansk set in 1984, the start of the season bought in a wealth of new content alongside the new map for the battle royale.

Alongside the launch of brand-new weapons, Operators, and multiplayer maps, the start of the season marked the beginning of a new limited-time event known as the "Hunt for Adler."

The event continues the ongoing conflict between Adler and Stitch and is the chance for players to earn some extremely exclusive cosmetic items by completing either three Warzone challenges or three Cold War challenges.

It appears that Warzone players are encountering numerous issues with the challenges at hand. Here's everything we know about the bugs.

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Hunt For Adler Warzone Challenges Not Tracking

Hunt For Adler Warzone Challenges Not Tracking Bug Exploit Fix
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For several players dropping into Verdansk to complete the challenges which are found at Summit, Farms, and the Factory, do not register as being completed despite players going through all the correct processes in order to obtain their rewards.

Alongside the challenges failing to track, players have arrived at the locations expecting to find the Intel contract, but on some occasions, it has failed to appear completely making it impossible for players to even start the challenges let alone complete them.

Another issue spotted involves the timer of the event on the main menu. It currently reads "Event ends in: 0 seconds" despite starting on April 22nd.

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How To Fix

It's likely that Raven Software is aware of the challenges not tracking, meaning a hotfix of some kind will be arriving to Warzone in the next few days.

If you don't want to wait until the fix arrives, some players are reporting that if you repeat the process enough times, the challenge will eventually appear as completed.

It's not ideal, but at least you will be able to get your hands on some of the exclusive rewards on offer!

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