Warzone Express Frustrations Over Final Season 5 Update

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With Season 6 of Warzone right on the doorstep, the battle royale adored by millions of players around the globe has seen numerous updates made by Raven Software. While some updates prove a hit with the community, others leave players expressing their annoyances with various aspects of the game.

Raven Software released the latest patch to Warzone on September 23rd, rendering the game unplayable in most scenarios. While few issues can be overlooked over the long run, major issues affecting the game’s performance affect the player’s ability to bring home the victory.


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Warzone Optimisation Issues

Modern consoles and PCs have the computing power to run games at the highest settings possible, but Warzone seems to be struggling after the last patch with some players reporting framerates dropping down to lows of “13 FPS” while playing the game. Reddit user 'LOTHMT' shared their concerns around optimisation with many other players encountering similar problems.


“They messed up something with the last mini-update, the menus are unresponsive.” another player added. With Raven Software's latest patch focusing on several weapon balances and tweaks, the sudden drop in performance has left many members of the community confused as to why it has happened.

Warzone content creator, Patryk "Rallied" Salata exclaimed that his game was experiencing unusual issues with frames dropping and making the game lag like never before. It wasn't just lag when in a match. The lag spikes were also having an effect on the game menu itself.

In a high-octane gaming environment where every millisecond matters with no room for error, an issue as major as this has the fans riled up with many hoping for a quick hotfix from the dev team. Considering the severity of the issue, it's likely Raven Software will implement some kind of fix in the not-too-distant future. For more Warzone intel, check out everything we know about Season 6 and how to get your hands on Specialist Bonus in Verdansk.