Warzone Players Call For Plunder To Return

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Season 6 of Warzone is already underway, and Raven Software has included a number of new weapons into the arsenal along with map changes and more. While the community is appreciating the constant updates and new content, not every change is welcomed with open arms.

With the new update, the battle royale saw the Plunder playlist get replaced by new game modes, Clash and Payload. However, the removal of Plunder as a permanent playlist did not sit well with fans and players, with some even refusing to play the game until its return.


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Players Want Plunder Back

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Warzone players were quick to express their concerns regarding Plunder’s removal, with many desperate for it to be added back into the game as a permanent game mode. Many players took to Reddit to express their concerns regarding this change.

Reddit user ‘Captain_Price_WZ’ shared their opinion on the new game mode by stating “When I'm trying to level a gun I just wanna drop into Plunder, which I assumed was a base game mode and not some failed mode like Clash or Payload.” “I am not complaining that there are finally some new modes, but why remove the old ones???,” they added.

While the majority of the players sharing the same sentiment, one user expressed their issue with the entire concept of leveling up a gun. “Maybe the idea of leveling a gun is bulls***? I don't get why everyone's just ok with it.”, they stated.


Will Plunder Make A Return?

Until Raven Software decides to address this issue, no one knows why Plunder was from the game but the change has not gone down well with the community. It remains to be seen whether Plunder returns. Until then, find everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!

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