Warzone Players Disappointed With The Numbers Event

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With Season 6 of Warzone just right around the corner, Raven Software has introduced limited-time events along with exclusive challenges and rewards for the community known as The Numbers event. The event began on September 21st, with players dropping into Verdansk to complete challenges to earn different kinds of rewards. The Numbers event featured a range of exclusive cosmetic items that can be earned by completing a range of challenges across both titles.

It was announced after completing these challenges, a variety of themed items ranging from weapon charms, sprays, and calling cards are available to unlock but after completing all these challenges, many players have been left disappointed with the event, with some labelling it as "embarrassing."


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Warzone Numbers Event Disappointing

After the launch of the much-awaited Numbers Event, the community was quick to express their frustrations surrounding the LTE. Many players thought that all the challenges weren't worth completing and with a lack of changes to Verdansk, some didn't even realise an event was taking place.


Reddit user 'TheDudeofDudez' was really annoyed after completing all the challenges and thought it was a waste of their time.

"The other “events” were trash, but this is seriously so low effort from the devs that it actually angers me a little bit when you consider the revenue they make from this game and the player base. Walk up to a van and press a button, hear some numbers and that’s it. No effect on the game whatsoever. Nothing cool happens. Must have taken them 5 minutes to come up with and implement."

Other players agreed with the sentiment expressed as many were expecting this event to have an impact on the entire game. After waiting for a long time for such an event, the players think it's unfair for Raven Software to release an event where almost nothing has changed.

As we get closer to the official release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, players are expecting Raven Software to introduce some new features and changes which might make an impact on the overall gameplay and enhance their gaming experience.