Warzone Players Claim Raven Software Has "Ruined" Rebirth Resurgence

The start of Season 6 for Warzone is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community. Raven Software introduced a drastic change for the popular Rebirth Resurgence mode on September 30th with Resurgence Extreme taking the place of Quads.

The community was not happy with this change and is finding it tricky to adapt to an increased player count on such a small map, with some even going as far as stating that Resurgence Extreme is far too fast for Rebirth Island.

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Warzone Resurgence Extreme Unpopular

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A wide array of players launch Warzone with the sole purpose of playing the Rebirth Island modes. While the updates usually bringing exciting content and changes, players have not taken kindly to the arrival of Resurgence Extreme.

“I've been playing Resurgence exclusively for months now, and now they changed it with this "Extreme" mode. It's practically unplayable” Reddit user Sir--Realist said. The player also added that there are too many players in a match, leading to many dropping in and dying as soon as their feet have touched the ground.

Another Reddit post by TunaLurch pointed to the fact that the developer has already tried Resurgence Extreme with 100 players before, and led to several players determining that the mode wasn't exactly the best. With 64 being less than before it still is a big player count for the size of the map. “You can’t land anywhere without immediate engagement,” said the player highlighting the stupidity behind the entire game mode.

Will The Update Be Reverted?

Raven Software usually rolls out updates and events to keep things interesting but a number of players are not fond of the Resurgence changes. With so many players upset over this, it is no surprise that the Warzone developer may revert the changes in order to satisfy the demand.

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