Warzone Players Concerned With the Overpowered State of Kar98k and K31

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As Season 6 of Warzone progresses, attention is slowly shifting to the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Vanguard and how it will be integrated into the battle royale. While fans are excited about the new content being released for their beloved Call of Duty title, few are upset with the state of a couple of guns.

Warzone’s maps can be a big shooting ground and even the smallest of the extra range is enough to finish off the enemies. While the game offers a number of guns and loadouts, the players are concerned about the heavy base damage output of the Kar98k and Swiss K31.


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The Case For Kar98k And Swiss K31

With the Kar98k in hand, every opponent is a potential one-shot headshot kill. The Swiss K31 is capable of dealing slightly more base damage, dealing 180 damage compared to the Kar98k’s 154 points of damage to the chest While many players might overlook these numbers, some are upset with how easy these sniper rifles are to use and took to Reddit to voice their opinions.


Reddit user ‘Vietcongaroo’ stated, “I have seen this a lot in discussions regarding these two weapons and even though they are clearly overpowered (I.E the swiss dealing 180 damage to the chest/KAR dealing 154 while the HDR and AX 50 do 112.” They also added, “these 2 guns have basically rendered all the other snipers as useless. It would be more fun to see people running the ZRG, ax50, tundra, Pellington ETC.”

While the majority of players agreed with this take, some stated that the guns would be balanced with increased flinch added to them. Another user ‘WalnutsGaming’ had an interesting take stating, “I’ll defend the Kar and Swiss cause if they get nerfed they’ll be as useless as most other snipers.”

Will The Kar98k And Swiss K31 Get A Nerf?

The fans might joke about the devs being Kar/K31 mains, but the power to bring a balance change to these guns lays with them. It is unclear whether these guns warrant a nerf, but if one thing is for certain, it’s that Raven is always listening to the communities concerns. In the meanwhile, find everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!