Warzone Players Call For Night-Time Verdansk Return

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The Haunting event is now live in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, much to the delight of the Call of Duty community who have been anticipating the game's annual dose of spooky content. While the addition of Ghostface and Frank The Rabbit seems fun, some players are upset over the exclusion of a nighttime mode from the latest update.

While Verdansk is an amazing battle royale map, it's had very few changes since an 80s version made its debut in Season 3. During last year's Halloween event, one of the biggest changes to the beloved Call of Duty map was the inclusion of Night Mode, adding a brand-new way to experience battle royale action. With the return of The Haunting event, players were looking forward to its arrival and were disappointed to find out that there was no nighttime LTM.

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No Nighttime Verdansk

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In 2020, The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween update converted Verdansk into a terrifying night-time version of itself. But the players were let down this time around.

Reddit user ‘thepestiIence’ took to the Warzone subreddit and said, “There's a thin line between fun and annoying. Raven I expect u to do better next year.” The community rallied behind and agreed promptly with many fixating on the return of the night-time mode, like the previous year.

“It's just disappointing. The bar for these clowns is already so low and they still consistently drop the ball, they had all the ingredients for this from last year and still manage to s**t the bed. No night time Verdansk.”, another user ‘Used_Kaleidoscope_16’ replied. Some players went a step further, stating that the only positive thing about this year’s Halloween update is Ghostface's voiceover.


Will A Night-Time Mode Return to Verdansk?

While The Haunting event is already underway, there’s plenty of time for Raven Software to dish out a heavily requested nighttime version of Verdansk. It will be interesting to see if Raven Software considers any of the suggestions laid out by the community and implements the mode into the game, but for now, it doesn't seem likely. For more Halloween-themed Call of Duty news, check out how to decrease the Fear Meter in The Ghosts of Verdansk mode.

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